You ever wondered how profitable traders make their money? We have a perfect tool for you!

Just install statement2mt4 strategy in your MT4 (see the installation instructions and user guide below) and have fun with analysing strategies and systems from

Download MT4 strategy file: statement2mt4.ex4
Download statement2mt4 installation and user guide in PDF

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stementn2mt4 features

Installation guide

1. Open your MT4 client data folder, to save strategy file (File→Open Data Folder).

2. Navigate to MQL\Experts folder and save downloaded strategy file (statement2mt4.ex4).

3. Go to Tools->Options, Expert Advisors tab. Check "Allow WebRequests for..." and add "" and "" and restart terminal.

4. Drag and drop statement2mt4 strategy on your chart.

5. On Inputs tab type in your myfxbook login (MyFxBookLogin variable) and password (MyFxBookPassword variable) and click Save button. If you don't have myfxbook account you have to register one.

6. Name preset however you like, ie. "statement2mt4.set" and save it in Presets folder. You are ready to use statement2mt4 ☺

User guide

1. You can analyse systems on myfxbook (real time traded accounts, real or demo). Just find a system that you want to analyse. Expand "Export" select at the right upper corner of the chart and right click on "CSV". Choose "Copy link address".

2. You can also analyse strategies (backtested systems). Find strategy to analyse and right click CSV link at the top of the page. Choose "Copy link address".

3. Next you have to calculate GMT time difference between analysed system or strategy broker and your MT4 client broker. For system change to "General" tab and check the Timezone value. For strategies you have to check test broker time or calculate by trial and error.

4. Now open Expert options in MT4 (F7) and paste copied system/strategy CSV URL to "StatementURL" variable. Fill GMT offser, if ie. brokers GTM is +3 and your broker GMT is +2 then type 1 (3 - 2). Clisk OK, after some time trades from statement should apper on your chart.

5. After filling login password, url and gmt offset our strategy should draw trades from statement on your chart. You can change time frames and currency pairs by drag and dropping them on the chart.

6. If you have your trades already drawed on the chart you can change statement2mt4 drawing colors for buy and sell orders. "FileRefreshMinutes" tells strategy how many minutes to wait until downloading CVS file again from myfxbook.

7. You can also analyse statements offline. To do so download statement file to [MT4 data foleder - see Installation guide, point 1]\MQL\Files. Enter file name ie. statement.csv.

8. Then enter file name of downloaded statement (ie. statement.csv) in "FileName" variable. Login, and password variables may be empty, "StatementURL" variable must be empty.

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